Industrial Heat Exchangers Manufacturer

Caron et fils specializes in the design, manufacturing, reconditioning and repairing of industrial heat exchangers such as shell and tube-type and coil-type, as well as industrial steam unit heater and heavy machinery equipment oil and/or air coolers. These heat exchangers are used in industrial processes in many different activity sectors.

About Caron et Fils  

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Our approach

According to the customer’s specifications, our team assesses needs, conducts an estimate of the costs and quotes a price. Following the customer’s approval, a heat exchanger that meets his requirements is built and delivered promptly. A custom heat exchanger, which is designed and built in this manner, offers great durability in the application for which it is intended, whether it is an industrial process, comfort factor, energy recovery or greater performance of heavy machinery equipment. Through a meticulous design approach, our team builds heat exchangers that meet customer specifications at the lowest cost possible.

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